A Silly Prayer Story

Laurie Obidowski
Brampton, Ontario, Canada

My husband and I are seniors and not up to snuff when it comes to technology and all those new gadgets. Our children, God bless them, try to keep us up to date by gifting us with machines that perform all sorts of wonderful things.

On a hot day last summer, the power went off for about an hour. Then everything came back on except our TV. One blank blue screen was all we got. We called the cable company and they said everything was fine at their end. The neighbors TVs on the same system as ours were also working fine.

We pushed buttons and read and reread the manual. Nothing worked and we got frustrated and even a bit angry at our seeming incompetence. Finally, we decided to let the TV rest for awhile and try later. Four hours later we tried again but still saw nothing but the blue screen. We pushed more buttons, uttered some nasty words and looked at each other. There was nothing else that we could do except sit and stare at the blue screen.

Oh great, we thought: now we will have to call some repair person and it will be expensive!

Then in the same instant my husband and I had this wonderful idea! Why not ask St. Benedict for help (we heard somewhere that he was quite good at solving this kind of problem). So we silently asked (I guess what could qualify as a prayer) for help.

We did nothing else after that but stare at the blue screen. Then unbelievably the screen got lines and twirls on it and in less than a minute, everything was back on track.

I got goose bumps because I am a real doubting Thomas when it comes to praying. I am still in a state of disbelief but there is no other explanation why this happened. I know it is rather a silly prayer story but it is a true one, and if nothing else it made me a believer in the power of prayer. I know now, without a doubt, that no request is too small or too big for God to answer.